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    Ladybug Day 2014 in San Diego

    Ladybugs are one of the most loved insects on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that downtown San Diego would actually dedicate a day to celebrating the species. Okay, so the city did not actually create Ladybug Day, but how many other cities have you heard of going all out for this charming bug? April 5, 2014, is Ladybug Day, and the San Diego Botanic Garden encourages kids to come out and participate in the Lost Ladybug Project. 

    About the Lost Ladybug Project 

    The Lost Ladybug Project was created in 2000 by Cornell University to keep aware of changing compositions in the ladybug population, and to help prevent native species from diminishing. There were significantly more of these gentle bugs 20 years ago, but they have become much rarer in many parts of the country. Most people do not realize that they eat many insects that typically feed on food crops, which means they play an important role in the food chain. 

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    Best Places for Miniature Golf in San Diego

    You do not have to know the difference between a wood and an iron to enjoy a round of miniature golf. This is an activity that is fun for all ages and ideal for family day, dates, or time spent with friends. As you would expect, there are plenty of fantastic miniature golf places to go to in the downtown San Diego area. Below are some of the top recommended picks by locals and visitors alike.

    Pelly's Mini Golf

    Pelly's Mini Golf is found at the Del Mar Golf Center. There are two courses here to choose from: Ocean Adventure Course and Surfin' Safari Course. There are not any ramps, jumps, or windmills here, so courses are designed for children, as well as adults who have not quite mastered their technique yet. You will find an ocean theme throughout, with sculptures and fun facts about surfing to read as you go. It is very affordable, and not usually as crowded as some of the larger miniature golf courses in downtown San Diego. 

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    2014 San Diego Easter Egg Hunts

    The downtown San Diego area is not a playground strictly for adults, like some might assume. This city is one of the most exciting places in the country for children to live and visit. There is always something to do here and special events to enjoy, especially around holidays; Easter is no exception. Most cities in America do not even have one Easter egg hunt for children to participate it. Leave it to San Diego to give kids several to choose from. 

    Hotel Del Coronado 

    If you will be staying at the hotel on Easter, or if you do not mind booking a room for the day, the Hotel Del Coronado will be hosting three separate Easter egg hunts for 2014. Baskets will be provided, and there is no extra charge for kids to join in the fun. The hotel will also have a Craft "EGG"Stravaganza on the Windsor Lawn that anyone can participate in, including non-guests. As always, Del's Easter Champagne Brunch will be served in both the Crown Room and Oceanfront Ballroom. 

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    Campland On the Bay: Not Your Average Camping Experience

    It is no secret that the downtown San Diego area attracts campers from all over. This county has a generous selection of campgrounds and RV parks. Plus, unlike many beaches in the country, you can actually camp on some of the beaches here. So, for a campground to really standout from the others it has to be beyond special. Campland on the Bay offers a one-of-a-kind camping experience that you won't ever want to leave. 

    About Campland 

    Campland n the Bay first opened in 1969 under its original name of Mission Bay Campland. It is part of Mission Bay Park, and nestles on the beautiful shores of Mission Bay. 

    The campground sits on what was once wetland and salt marsh. In its earlier days there was an observation platform here, and guests could climb more than 60 feet up for breathtaking views of Pacific Beach and Mission Bay. The rickety structure was eventually deemed unsafe and removed. Since current building codes do not allow any structures to exceed 35 feet today, it was never able to be rebuilt. However, Campland has more than made up for the void of its great landmark by developing an amazing, modern campground with every amenity you could ever ask for. 


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    A Guide to the Attractions at LEGOLAND California Resort

    Most people have no idea just how large LEGOLAND® in downtown San Diego actually is. Some assume it is just a place where kids can go and build stuff while others go specifically for the water park or aquarium, and never check out what else the resort has to offer. Every inch of LEGOLAND® is worth exploring, so if you live in the area, an annual pass should definitely be considered. If you are visiting on vacation, do not be afraid to pencil in more than one day to spend here. 

    • Water Park - As if the water park isn't already amazing, summer 2014 welcomes a new addition. Throughout the park you find slides, tube rides, a lazy river, water cannons, wave pool, and so much more. This is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. 
    • Aquarium - Sea Life Carlsbad Aquarium is right inside the resort, and incorporates LEGO models into the experience. Some creatures include the octopus, moon jelly, eel, reef shark, and seahorse. 
    • The Beginning -

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